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A list of all our forthcoming events.

  • August: Thursday 8th, Stanley House 11.45 - 2.15 pm

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Bernadette Willems, Business Peacemaker

    Topic - Finding your Inner Genius for Ultimate Business Success

    Could happiness and success really be as simple as doing tasks that we love and are good at?

    Join us and enjoy:

    Understanding the Art of Communication enables you to resolve internal and external conflicts in both your business and personal life. Many disputes or problems between individuals, in both personal or workplace relationships, or within teams are compounded or aggravated because clients do not understand each other or each other?s way of thinking.

    Understanding your Inner Genius enhances the levels of trust which quickly improve behaviour (leading to Revenues) and increasing the flow of natural energy which impacts bottom line results (leading to Profit)

    When applying these principles, sustainable improvements and results occur very quickly between individuals, entire teams, your clients and stakeholders, bringing ultimate business success, enabling them to identify ways of building or maintaining Trust, and what keeps people in flow doing what they naturally love to do.

    The resources Bernadette uses are both life and personal development tools, which are there for the clients to use to help them achieve a satisfactory and healthy work/life balance.

    About the presenter

    Bernadette is a Business Peacemaker and helps business owners enhance the dynamics of the natural talent which already exists in a business. With more than 20 years? experience as a Solicitor, Mediator and Coach, Bernadette is committed to helping clients identify the best within themselves in order to give the best of themselves. Be this in a mediation seeking to resolve Commercial, Family, and Workplace disputes, or in helping businesses identify the natural talent of their employees to develop greater trust within a team or organisation to ensure they can provide value consistently and sustainably.

    With her legal background, she is regularly asked to develop training courses for mediators and lawyers, and her training work has expanded into the business environment where she is an accredited Trainer in Talent & Wealth Dynamics and a Trainer?s trainer in DiSC.

    Her drive is to help people lead a better life and live a brighter future free from debilitating disputes, anxiety, fear, procrastination and feeling overwhelmed, thereby helping to create a better world for all of us. Bernadette is passionate about being able to make a difference in how people choose to think and communicate with each other ensuring that vulnerable and emotionally fragile clients feel heard and empowered. She is very driven to help people function at their best and find and utilise their natural skills for the benefit of the people around them and in their team.

    Contact details:

    E: Bmw@bernadettewillems.com

    M: 07740 438341

    W: www.GreaterManchesterMediation...

  • September: Thursday 12th, Barton Grange Hotel 11.45 - 2.15 pm

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Tara Maynard, Laura Bolton and Neil Welsh

    Topic - Programming the SatNav to #AchieveMore From Your Money

    Everyone knows that they need to save for those long term goals, but does every know how they should be saving? Or even when and if those goals will still be achievable?

    PM+M Wealth Management?s interactive session will take you through the life stages of a client and show you the method in investment to help keep those goals on the right path ? programming that SatNav to get you to your destination.

    Laura Bolton, Tara Maynard and Neil Welsh are all Financial Advisers and spend their days supporting clients in the planning leading up to retirement and beyond.





  • October: Thursday 17th, Stanley House 11.45 - 2.15 pm

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Steve Edge, Optmsm

    Topic - Deliberate Performance; Improve on Purpose

    There is an academically proven way to improve and yet we are all taught a different way.

    With a few tweaks you can radically improve performance levels in those who interact with customers.  We will cover:

    ? How we are taught today

    ? Debunking the myths behind high performance

    ? Core elements needed to transform performance

    ? 5 Easy steps to creating a high performance culture

    Steve Edge is ?The Habits Coach, based on a long and successful career as an imperfect sales professional. As a youngster Steve graduated from selling sweets at schools to buying and selling horses including one to the Royal Family.

    Years in the technology sector enabled Steve to work in Automotive, Aerospace, Petrochemicals and Robotics for both small start-ups and global players. Frustration trying to effectively develop sales talent started a journey of self-learning focused on the study of expert performance and habitual behaviour.

    Steve Edge, OPTSM


    07880735 774


  • November: Thursday 14th, Barton Grange Hotel 11.45 - 2.15 pm

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Harrison Drury

    Topic - A Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

    This seminar will provide a practical guide to help attendees to manage mental health in the workplace. It aims to assist an employer in determining what they can, can?t, should and shouldn?t be doing in different types of circumstances involving sensitive, challenging and varied mental health issues with employees.

    Managing mental health in the workplace can often be difficult and intimidating. In particular, there tend to be two kinds of situations that employers have to deal with:

    1) Known conditions
    2) Conditions which are not known to the employer or which take them by surprise

    In this seminar, we will look at the approaches available to employers when an employee makes a condition known to them.

    We will also look at how an employer should deal with conditions that are not made known / pro-actively declared / formally diagnosed as these can be particularly difficult to deal with if, perhaps, an employee?s behaviour changes.

    The next section of the seminar will cover preventative measures that an employer can look at ? one primary example of this is flexible working. 


    Helen Darbyshire
    Helen is an HR Advisor who works within the Employment & Regulatory team at Harrison Drury to provide support to employers both for discrete activities / individual cases and routine matters under the HR Compass retainer service.  In her role, Helen is able to provide clients with practical advice, guidance and coaching covering everyday HR issues which all employers encounter at some point. Using her extensive experience in operational HR roles, she supplements the service provided by the legal professionals within the Employment Team by coaching managers how to best translate legal advice into practice in sometimes difficult circumstances.

    Sarah Astley
    Sarah is an Associate Solicitor at Harrison Drury. Sarah deals with HR issues for businesses. She primarily advises on the employment aspects of business sales and acquisitions, drafting employment documentation and dealing with day to day queries regarding employees.

    Roger Spence
    Roger is a Solicitor and Director at Harrison Drury, he is also head of the Employment & Regulatory Department at the firm. Roger advises businesses on the full range of day to day HR issues and provides Employment Tribunal representation. He also advises on the employment aspects of business sales and acquisitions. Roger is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association

    Emily Leeming

    Emily is a Solicitor at Harrison Drury. Having enjoyed her seats within Employment during her Training Contract, Emily qualified into the Employment Law team in October 2018. Since then Emily has worked with Roger, Sarah and Helen to deal with a wide variety of activities across the employment legal and HR spectrum. She has focussed particularly on aspects on business sales and acquisitions, contentious tribunal matters and advises businesses on a wide range of day to day HR issues and technical legal queries.





  • December: Thursday 12th, Stanley House 11.45 - 2.15 pm

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    Topic -  

  • January: Thursday 16th, Stanley House 11.45 - 2.15

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • February: Thursday 13th, Stanley House 11.45 - 2.15

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • March: Thursday 19th, Stanley House 11.4 - 12.15

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • May: Thursday 14th, Tbc

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • June: Thursday 18th, Tbc

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • July: Thursday 9th, Tbc

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • August: Thursday 6th, Tbc

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • September: Thursday 17th, Tbc

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    Presenter -  

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Come and join us at


Thursday 8th August

Stanley House 11.45 - 2.15 pm

What members and guests say

"The professionalism and fun that Karen brings to each event is impressive. Over the years I have attended many networks and The Business Network is by far and away the best! The clients we have gained through this group have been quality clients who have remained with us."

Suzanne Waring
The Helping Hands Group

"If you are unsure about what Karen Tem?s The Business Network Central and East Lancashire can do for you and your business read on. I joined Karen Tem?s Central and East Lancashire group well over a year ago and have to say this is the best networking group I have been to. Why? Everyone at the monthly meetings is open minded and there?s always a positive vibe in the air. Each month you are surrounded by 90+ senior decision makers and business owners/directors and get to spend quality time before, during and after each meeting starting and developing relationships. This is besides the time you get with those on your table, over lunch. You are actively encouraged to continue developing those relationships outside of the meeting. What about Karen? Karen, to me, is the most amazing and perfect person to be running a network. I will never forget the first time I met Karen, as I walked up to meet her she welcomed me with my business nickname ... we had never even met before. She was so welcoming and ensured I wasn?t left on my own. When I sat down at the table, I was sat with decision makers from my target market (Karen had obviously done research on me and seen who my target market was) and that just blew me away. Karen takes time to get to know you and I have had the pleasure of 1-2-1s on 2 occasions and through those Karen has continued to build on the huge respect I have for her. She is genuinely interested in seeing you grow and not just on a business level. This continues at every monthly meeting. You know Karen is looking to help you be with the people that are your target audience (this is not even about the people you are sat with, it is about the people they know). Karen has the most engaging personality and is genuinely looking to help everyone in her network. It is an absolute pleasure to be in a room with her. On a side note, she also runs great training sessions, full of fun whilst you learn. I have taken a lot from the session I attended last week and will make even more from my membership. If you?ve never been before, make time for you and your business, you won?t regret it. It was the best decision I have made for my business. Thank you Karen for EVERYTHING. "

Anne Williamson
Customer Love Ltd