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  • February: Thursday 13th, Stanley House 11.45 - 14.15

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Anne Williamson, Customer Love

    Topic - How the Principles of Dating Can Help You Grow Your Business

    Are you putting people off doing business with you, without even realising it? You may even be losing future sales because you have treated your customer like a one night stand. It is so easy to fall into the trap of looking for new business all the time, whilst ignoring the customers you already have.

    Being in business has so much in common with dating, it is all about building quality relationships with our customers. In this fun and interactive seminar you will be taken through several of the stages of dating and discover how they apply to business. Each stage will be backed up with real life business examples - not dating examples that is a totally different seminar!  Packed full of hints and tips for you to start wooing your customers (in a business sense).

    I have spent over 25 years in marketing, constantly building relationships with customers (online and offline) and have always been driven by delivering the best customer service possible. My book "Are you a one night stand business?" delves deeper into where businesses can be losing sales through the way they treat potential and existing customers. My 25+ years marketing experience is backed by my Professional Diploma in Marketing but delivered with a cheeky G & T twist.

    Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/an...



    Phone/Text/WhatsApp 07966 190743

    Phone 01772 367122

  • March: Wednesday 11th, Stanley House 1145 - 1415

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Paul Limb, ActionCOACH

    Topic - 5 Ways To Grow Your Profits

    Business owners often focus on three main areas of their business. They want more customers, more revenue and more profit.

    But, these are only the results of doing other things within your business. As a business owner, you have access to the marketing and sales chassis which all super successful businesses use, but many do not understand or use this incredibly powerful tool.

    This workshop will show you how, by focusing on just five key areas, you could increase your profits by a massive 61%. The tools used have been tried and tested with thousands of businesses over the last 25 years with real tangible results.

    This workshop will show you:

    ? What are the ?5 Ways? to massive profits?

    ? How can I easily grow my profits?

    ? What tools can I use to measure how well I am doing?

    ? How could my beliefs about marketing be hurting me?

    ? Which of the +350 strategies available for improving my profit will work for me?

    We guarantee you will walk away from this workshop with new strategies to use in your business that will improve your profits.

    Our Presenter is the Managing Director of ActionCOACH Bolton. Paul Limb has been coaching for over 30 years, initially in high performance sports, and also throughout his sales and marketing career. Paul is a business owner and coaches other business owners to help them achieve the dreams they had when they first started out. ActionCOACH Bolton is part of a world-wide community of over 1,000 business coaches in 88 countries. Over the last 26 years, in excess of 500,000 businesses around the world have used the same strategies he will share with you in this workshop.

    ActionCOACH Bolton

    Website https://bolton.actioncoach.co.... Email: Bolton@ActionCoach.com

    Telephone: 01204 852705 / Paul Limb Mob: 07444 789272

  • April: Thursday 16th, Stanley House 1145 - 1415

    Time - 1000 - 1145

    Presenter - Matthew Lincoln, Northern Monkey Creative Media

    Topic - Don't be a Goldfish.??A guide to help you maximise engagement online.

    It is now proven that the human attention span has dropped to just eight seconds ? shorter than that of a goldfish ? so you need to pack a punch with your online presence to win clients over in an extremely short space of time. Heres how??.


    To allow delegates to realise that what they currently have in place for their business might not actually be working as well as they think. Hopefully they will be inspired about our ideas on how they can implement SMALL changes to their website and online presence that will make a BIG difference to their business.

    Topics to cover:

    - Welcome

    - Intro to Northern Monkey

    - What have Goldfish got to do with it?

    - How can we overcome this and win more clients

    - Take a look on how your clients currently view you online

    - To include Website, Social Media, Linked In Profiles, Companies House, Registered Addresses

    - Ideas on what actions you can implement

    - Ideas on how you can get a further reach via digital marketing

    - How to record and monitor your results

    - Questions



  • May: Thursday 14th, Stanley House 1145 - 1415

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • June: Thursday 18th, Stanley House 1145 - 1415

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Robert Clarke and Paul Whitfield

    Topic - Buying Customers - The Truth About Online Advertising

    Buying Customers - The Truth About Online Advertising That Some Digital Agencies Do Not Want You To Know About

    You would be forgiven for thinking that the ?top of page? ads are reserved for the highest paying customers. The truth is that the amount you are bidding is only one of five factors that determines your ad position.

    We will show you how to create high quality ads with super relevant content that will improve sales AND reduce costs.

    We?ll also explain how associated benefits (i.e. brand awareness and increased traffic) may or may not have the desired effect when it comes to delivering a return on your investment.

    SPOILER ALERT! ? We will demonstrate how our growth model proves that you don?t need a big budget to compete with the big boys! Something that those companies that want you to spend more don?t want you to hear.

    Robert Clarke ? Co-director of BrightRED, Robert oversees digital marketing activities for businesses in many different sectors. His experience in online advertising ranges from campaigns for FTSE 100 companies to sole traders.

    Paul Whitfield ? Following 15 years working in the corporate world, Paul now operates a portfolio of businesses in the North West. His frustration when engaging online agencies led Paul to invest in his own agency. This experience of online advertising as a customers and also as co-director of BrightRED provides a unique insight from both sides of the table.

    Both Robert and Paul are passionate about using their combined experience and knowledge to help SMEs to develop and grow.


    01772 978927 



  • July: Thursday 16th, Stanley House 1145 - 1415

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Sarah McDowell, The Leader Centre

    Topic - Do Less to Achieve More

    The world is changing at a rate that is unprecedented. The demands on businesses to keep pace with that change are huge.

    Faced with this challenge many leaders have simply tried to batten down the hatches and do more and the outcome is that they are stressed and at capacity but still not always delivering results.

    The facts tell us that this isn?t working anymore. Despite working harder than ever our people haven?t got any more productive in the last 10 years and yet we are expected to group our businesses every year.

    In this session Sarah will provide an alternative way of leading that is more suited to growing our businesses in the fast paced world we live in today which more importantly involves doing less not more.  Sarah will also highlight this challenge and share what leaders are really employed to do. 

    In addition she?ll share the 6 things leaders should do and the 6 things leaders shouldn?t do to grow their businesses without doing more.

    The outcome from the session will be a new way of working for leaders that relieves some of the pressures they face and delivers results.

    Having spent 15 years developing CEO?s and Directors at The Academy for Chief Executives Sarah understands the challenges of running a business. As a chair and latterly as Head of Chairman Development Sarah spent those years developing ways of resolving those challenges.

    Now running her own business Sarah specialises in helping senior people who are incredibly busy and under pressure to achieve more by doing less.

    Paragraph 4 ? Sarah McDowell, 07725 325104, www.theleadercentre.co.uk, https://www.linkedin.com/in/sa...

  • August: Thursday 20th, Stanley House 1145 - 1415

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • September: Thursday 17th, Tbc

    Time - 1030 - 1145

    Presenter - Daniel Bradley and Laura Dobson, Monitor

    Topic - Stop Your Website Losing Leads Today! Act NOW With This Essential Strategic

    We?ll share our proven methods and techniques to help you drive more search traffic to your website, keep people on your website for longer and generate more leads and enquiries via your website.

    We?ll also show you how to effectively use a suite of freely available tools to measure and improve your websites performance - all in 60 minutes!

    The methods and techniques we?ll share with you, if implemented correctly, will help to make your website visible to more of the right people in search results, helping to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

    We?ll share our best practice advice and experiences with real users to help you keep people on your website for longer and understand how to make your content more engaging and easier to understand.

    We?ll finish by showing you how to make the most of a suite of free tools we use to measure and improve website performance.

    Daniel Bradley ? Digital & Account Director

    Proven experience delivering a variety of digital solutions for large global PLCs through to SMEs. Providing consultancy and advice on digital strategy working with key stakeholders and senior decision makers.  Joined monitor as Account Executive and developed his expertise and experience resulting in the leadership of a team of Account Managers and was appointed a Director of the company in 2017.

    Laura Dobson ? Account Manager

    Monitor, 2nd Floor, The Tower, Deva City Office Park, Manchester M3 7BF

    Tel: 0161 743 0980

    Email: hello@monitorcreative.co.uk

    Web: www.monitorcreative.co.uk

  • October: Thursday 15th,  

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • November: Thursday 12th,  

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • December: Thursday 10th,  

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    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • January: Thursday 14th, Tbc

    Time -  

    Presenter -  

    Topic -  

  • February: Thursday 11th, Tbc

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    Presenter -  

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Thursday 13th February

Stanley House 11.45 - 14.15

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Mubarak Chati
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"Imagine a networking group that runs like clockwork, with no scary moments, no feeling of wasting your time and no dread when it's time for the next one! I tried a number of different networking groups in the early days of my business and the Preston Business-Network was the only one I have kept on. It is run superbly well by experienced businesswomen Karen Tems supported by warm, friendly helpers. They only allow professionals, senior staff and decision-makers to join, which ensures that contacts made are top-quality. Just the number of strategic business partnerships I have made makes it worth my membership fee, but I have also made sales and had referrals. The free seminars are also excellent and have included some top speakers - including Ian Brodie and Will Kintish. Come along as a guest one month, we will all make you very welcome. "

Michelle Scott
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