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Adapting To The Virtual World We Find Ourselves In

Our aim is to introduce senior decision makers, making it easy to build productive and lasting business relationships, now more than ever, we need to stay in touch with our contacts, continue to learn about the new world and adapt our businesses to help e

As you will appreciate, we are not able to offer our traditional events at the moment, though we are still very much around offering networking opportunities and connecting businesses.

Come along to our Next Online Event and find out why so many businesses see us as a key part of their marketing strategy.

Networking Working

Come and join us at


Tuesday 8th December

Online Event 1100 - 1230

What members and guests say

"If you are unsure about what Karen Tem's The Business Network Central and East Lancashire can do for you and your business read on. I joined Karen Tem's Central and East Lancashire group well over a year ago and have to say this is the best networking group I have been to. Why? Everyone at the monthly meetings is open minded and there's always a positive vibe in the air. Each month you are surrounded by 90+ senior decision makers and business owners/directors and get to spend quality time before, during and after each meeting starting and developing relationships. This is besides the time you get with those on your table, over lunch. You are actively encouraged to continue developing those relationships outside of the meeting. What about Karen? Karen, to me, is the most amazing and perfect person to be running a network. I will never forget the first time I met Karen, as I walked up to meet her she welcomed me with my business nickname ... we had never even met before. She was so welcoming and ensured I wasn't left on my own. When I sat down at the table, I was sat with decision makers from my target market (Karen had obviously done research on me and seen who my target market was) and that just blew me away. Karen takes time to get to know you and I have had the pleasure of 1-2-1s on 2 occasions and through those Karen has continued to build on the huge respect I have for her. She is genuinely interested in seeing you grow and not just on a business level. This continues at every monthly meeting. You know Karen is looking to help you be with the people that are your target audience (this is not even about the people you are sat with, it is about the people they know). Karen has the most engaging personality and is genuinely looking to help everyone in her network. It is an absolute pleasure to be in a room with her. On a side note, she also runs great training sessions, full of fun whilst you learn. I have taken a lot from the session I attended last week and will make even more from my membership. If you've never been before, make time for you and your business, you won?t regret it. It was the best decision I have made for my business. Thank you Karen for EVERYTHING. "

Anne Williamson
Customer Love Ltd

"The Business Network: exceptionally organised, beautifully delivered, a wonderful platform which offers the opportunity to create long lasting links and develop meaningful business relationships."

Ian Hooper
GB Music Events